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  • Wallpaper
    150 kb - GIF, HTML5, JPG, PNG, Third-party script
  • Hockey-stick
    980x240 px, 980x300 px, 250x600 px
    100 kb - GIF, HTML5, JPG, PNG, Third-party script
  • Log-Out
    730x480 px
    100 kb - GIF, HTML5, JPG, PNG, Third-party script
  • Super Panorama
    Super Panorama
    980x240 px, 980x300 px
    100 kb - GIF, HTML5, JPG, PNG, Third-party script
  • Super TWS
    Super TWS
    250x600 px
    100 kb - GIF, HTML5, JPG, PNG, Third-party script


Mainos ohjaa kampanjasivustolle tai kokonaan toiselle sivustolle. Jos ohjaus johtaa toiselle sivustolle avautuu sivusto uudelle välilehdelle tai ikkunalle.

Mainos-skripti JavaScript-koodin tulee esittää mainos käyttämällä iframe ettei se hidasta sivuston latausta. Jos mainoskuva vaihtuu kesken kampanjaa tulee sivuston (HappyPancake) hyväksyä kuva ennen vaihtoa.

"Mouse over"-ääni aktivoituu kun hiiri siirretään mainoksen päälle ja sulkeutuu kun hiiri siirretään pois mainoksesta.

Rich media animointi Animointi saa enintään olla 15 sekunttia pitkä ilman käyttäjän ohjaamaa muutosta.

Mainokset & Animointi HappyPancake hyväksyy gif-mainoksia jotka sisältää animointia. Mainoksen ei tule vaihtaa väriä, vilkkua tai muuten olla häiritsevä.

Tarkista aina HappyPancakein kanssa mahdollisista lisämaksuista koskien videobannereita.

• Toisto (Loop): Eniintään 3 kertaa/ 15 sekunttia. • Framerate: 24fps • Ääni: Sallittu ainoastaan käyttäjän toimesta (klick/mouse over) • Maksimipaino ensimmäisellä latauksella: 100kb • Maksimipaino käyttäjän toiminnan jälkeen (klick/mouse over): 3000kb


1. Dimensions
See table

2. Weight (kB)
The ads can be a maximum of 100 KB in archived state. You can measure the size of an advertisement by creating a zip file of the advertisement that includes all the elements that should be included. Even if you refer to an external file in the code (for example, a JavaScript library that edge.js) this must also be included in the local zip file and included in the size. Calculation of the maximum shall include all items that ad uses, be it HTML, images, CSS and JavaScript. There are two exceptions:
• New content is available on a user interacts with the advertisement (for example, a video).
• It is permissible to use the latest jQuery version as long as it is taken from Google's CDN (see " jQuery " below)

3. jQuery
You can use JQuery library without having to calculate it with the size of the ad. However, this requires that the following holds:
• You use the latest version of jQuery
• You use Google's CDN
• You use the min. version of the library (jquery.min.js)

4. Limitations
These limitations need to be followed:
• Viewport cannot be set to device – width.
• You cannot use the built-in geo – location.
• Sound is not allowed.

5. Minimize the number of files
A typical HTML page would like to include one or more external CSS and JavaScript files and do this by linking to these files in the code. These files are downloaded to the mobile phone via an HTTP request per file. To ensure good performance so it is important to have a low number of http - request and the following requirements must be met:
• HTML ad must consist of a single HTML file that includes all the CSS needed to run the ad. It means therefore that all CSS should be inline.
• A maximum of two requests to the JavaScript library is allowed (for example, one local JavaScript file and one external framework). All file references must be in the full URL. If we are to cough files on the server with us, all file references be root. Any folder structure disappears when we upload files in our ad management system.

6. Fallback
For all HTML ads, we need a fallback. This is an image version (PNG / JPEG / GIF) of the ad.

7. Click Counts
For us to be able to count clicks, we must insert a click macro parameter. This is done manually and requires clickURL either is like a normal href in html or in a visible JavaScript in html file. If it is set hidden in a JavaScript we cannot add this, and therefore cannot count clicks.

8. Third Party Code
Third Codes delivered as JavaScript code. Ad management system can measure clicks via third-party code, but this is not guaranteed. It is always up to the third party that the code is correct.

9. Wallpaper
A wallpaper contain of 3 assetes top, left and right, send one zip per asset.

10. Enabler
The creative must have exactly 1 asset(s) with Enabler. All Rich Media components and API calls must go through the Enabler. Kindly add this code on your creative "". In addition, you may read this help center article about Add the HTML5 Enabler

11. Clickability
Doublecheck that banner is clickable. We often recove HTML5 banners which are not clickable.